Consumers and Locksmiths Beware!

Fraudulent “bait and switch” Locksmiths are active throughout North Carolina.

Statewide media outlets have shed light onto unlicensed locksmith work recently. Follow any of these links to see stories and videos of investigative reporting about this illegal activity.

WSOC Report July 2019

WTVD Report November 2019

WRAL Reports by Cullen Browder

File an Official Complaint with:
the Attorney General’s Consumer Complaint Division

File a Complaint with:
– NC Locksmith Board

Please read before filing a Complaint with the Board:

  • The NC Locksmith Licensing Board gets an average of 100 complaints per year.
  • Of these complaints, few provide enough information to follow-up or the complainant wants to remain anonymous.
  • For those reasons less than 20% are able to be investigated.
  • For the 2018 year the Board has gained 1 civil judgment. Is currently in litigation on two other civil actions. There is 1 criminal case pending and 1 differed prosecution that ended with the surrender of locksmith tools.
  • The other complaints are still under investigation, were found to be without merit or the accused has come into compliance with the Licensing Act.

The Board ONLY has jurisdiction over licensed locksmiths. The Board will investigate unlicensed activity but ultimately must present its findings to your local law enforcement. One of the goals of the investigations is to gain compliance. In several situations people under investigation are given the option to come into compliance and do so to avoid civil action. Quite often once these people complete the required testing and background checks; they are licensed and given strict oversight to ensure they are staying in compliance.