North Carolina Locksmith Licensing Board


Fraudulent “bait and switch” Locksmiths are active throughout North Carolina.

Statewide media outlets have shed light onto unlicensed locksmith work recently. Follow any of these links to see stories and videos of investigative reporting about this illegal activity.

WSOC Report July 2019

WTVD Report November 2019

WRAL Reports by Cullen Browder

The Board ONLY has jurisdiction over licensed locksmiths. The Board will investigate unlicensed activity but ultimately must present its findings to your local law enforcement. One of the goals of the investigations is to gain compliance. In several situations people under investigation are given the option to come into compliance and do so to avoid civil action. Quite often once these people complete the required testing and background checks; they are licensed and given strict oversight to ensure they are staying in compliance.

In order to raise awareness of the ongoing issue of unlicensed “bait and switch” locksmiths in the state, the Board encourages all consumers to contact the NC Attorney General’s Consumer Complaint Division. These complaints should be filed in addition to the complaint filed with the NC Locksmith Licensing Board.

File a complaint with:
The NC Locksmith Licensing Board